What to expect when you see our emergency dentist in Southgate

Many people know the drill when it comes to seeing their dentist for a biannual check-up.

They go in, there is a brief examination of the mouth and then, if needed, other procedures are done such as fillings, cleans and the application of fluoride sealants.

However, this can pose a bit of a puzzle when it comes to attending an emergency appointment; will it be the same?

Almost all dental surgeries across the UK can offer patients emergency appointments and, unlike other emergency departments such as A&E, you cannot simply walk in and be seen. You have to call ahead and will be given an appointment to attend, usually on the same day.

Our team at Dental Beauty Southgate is proud of our emergency dentist in Southgate. We offer same-day appointments to all of our emergency patients and will always aim to make your appointments with us as simple and stress-free as possible, while also relieving any discomfort you may be in.

But what exactly can you expect when you attend a visit to our emergency dentist in Southgate?


If you have an abscess, a lost filling or an abnormal swelling, you may find it strange that our emergency dentist in Southgate has to perform an entire assessment of your mouth. But there is a reason!

If you are suffering from discomfort in one part of your mouth, it may be possible that it is referred pain from somewhere else that simply appears in that part of your mouth thanks to nerves. So, we perform a thorough assessment to check for that and to ensure that your overall oral health is good.

Discomfort relief

It stands to reason that, if you are attending our surgery for an emergency appointment, you are likely suffering from a bit of soreness or aching!

Should this be the case, our emergency team will take care to treat you as gently as possible while easing your discomfort with injectable numbing agents or pain relievers.


Of course, the main focus of what our emergency team does is to perform diagnostics; why is your tooth hurting or what is causing the abnormal swelling?

In most cases, we can manage the issue in our surgery but, should it be outside the realm of what we can handle, we may refer you to our nearest hospital where the issue can be better assessed and treated.


One of the most common emergencies that our team sees is dental abscesses which require some rather extensive treatment.

If you have one, we will aim to relieve the discomfort and treat the infection with antibiotics. We will usually do this before offering an extraction or root canal as an untreated infection could cause secondary issues throughout your body.


And finally, when you attend an emergency appointment with us, we may need to schedule a follow-up examination. Once again, if you have had an abscess, we will need to treat it with a root canal or an extraction and, in most instances, this can be done during the emergency appointment.

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