The importance of visiting your dentist in Southgate to prevent or treat tooth loss

Is it important to visit your dentist in Southgate on a regular basis to make sure that despite having an excellent dental hygiene routine at home, you do not allow plaque and tartar to build up on the surface of your teeth. Plaque and tartar are the main causes of most dental diseases. If plaque and tartar are not removed effectively they can cause gum infection, periodontal disease, cavities and tooth decay, and if these diseases are left untreated then they can result in tooth loss. Unfortunately most of these diseases begin as asymptomatic so you are unaware of the effect it may be having on your teeth and gums until the disease has progressed quite significantly and is causing major warning signs such as bleeding gums, sensitivity and toothache. Such symptoms should never be ignored and it is important that you consult your dentist in Southgate as soon as possible to prevent further complications in the future.

Addressing your dental issues

Here at Dental Beauty Southgate, our friendly and experienced dentist in Southgate will carry out a full examination of your teeth and gums to find the causes of your issues. You may require a course of antibiotics to target any infection which may be present, sometimes you may require a scale and polish with your hygienist to help clean your teeth effectively as a preventative treatment option or you may require restorative dentistry in which case your dental issues will be addressed and treated so you can help restore the full functioning of your mouth and create and excellent smile which you can be proud of. Unfortunately sometimes the damage may be irreversible and you may need to undergo a tooth extraction to address the issue, however you can rest assured that this can be resolved and your tooth can be replaced.

Tooth replacement using dental implants

If you have experienced tooth loss whether as a result of poor oral hygiene or other underlying issues then speak to us at Dental Beauty Southgate and book an appointment with your dentist in Southgate to find out about the different treatment options which are available for you. Thanks to advances in Dental Technology the last few decades have seen a significant increase in the interest in cosmetic dentistry and this includes tooth replacement therapy which in previous generations have been ignored or left untreated.

Here at Dental Beauty Southgate, dental implants have proven to be a popular method of tooth replacement therapy amongst dentists and patients alike. Dental implants are a modern and highly effective method of tooth replacement which has grown significantly in popularity over the last decade. First introduced in 1965, the success of dental implant surgery led to much research being carried out in this area of speciality and has resulted in the development and establishment of an excellent surgical procedure which has a 98% success rate and fantastic results. Speak to us at Dental Beauty Southgate today and book an examination to help address your dental issues to prevent further complications in the future and also find out more about dental implants for tooth replacement therapy and how our friendly and experienced team can help you smile happily again very soon!

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