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Dental Team in Southgate, North London

Dr Sripal Kumar

Principal Dentist (Dental Beauty Partner)

GDC Number: 240699


Sripal graduated from the University in 2012 and completed his vocational training through the Oxford Deanery in 2012, where he developed a special interest in managing tooth wear.


He has attended many training programmes at the Spear and Pankey institutes, where he learned many new pain-reducing techniques from world-leading experts. Since attending these training programmes, he has worked alongside some of his mentors as a teacher complex restorative dentistry and composite bonding.

Evita Carroll

Practice Manager and Specialist Nurse

GDC Number: 246496


Dr Alex Adams

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 52074

Dr Michael Orlans

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 270799

Dr Taneem Ahmed

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 244924

Dr Amit Devlukia

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 259315

Dr Adeeb Parker

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 274530

Dr Arjun Varma

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 274574

Dr Joshwinder Virdee

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 259082


Dr Nikos Mardas

Specialist Periodontist

GDC Number: 85040

Dr Terrence Bosman

 Specialist Endodontist

GDC Number: 244906

Dr Chivani Tailor

Specialist in Oral Surgery

GDC Number: 266256

Dr Nikolaos Vourakis


GDC Number: 268460

Dr Dipesh Patel

Oral Surgeon

GDC Number: 251636

Dental Hygienists

Natalie Turner

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 6568

Miss Nadia Begum

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 275033

Miss Linzy Baker

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 224980

Jurate Berg

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 219305

 Regina Vicinas

Dental Hygienist

GDC Number: 261225

Treatment Coordinator

Miss Evin Bosali

Treatment Coordinator

Dental Nurses

Isabel Camilo

Dental Nurse

GDC Number: TBC

Donia Asadi

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Laila Ramsay

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Maria Dragu

Trainee Dental Nurse

GDC Number: N/A

Front of House

Dee Charalambous

Lead Receptionist

Symoney Haughton


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