No more fear: how nervous dental patients are overcoming their anxiety

In 2016, nervous dental patients have a number of options available to them to help them beat their fears and get much-needed treatment without anxiety. Dr Ricky Adams, Principal Dentist at Dental Beauty Southgate in North London, is Dental Phobia certified, and his whole team is committed to providing anxious, nervous, and phobic patients with compassionate, high-quality, professional treatment and care at all times.

nervous-dental-patientsBeing a nervous dental patient is nothing unusual; approximately one in six UK adults is so anxious about treatment that they don’t even go for routine check-ups. This can cause something of a vicious circle, as only visiting the dentist when an emergency arises often means you are already in a state of high anxiety and stress, and often necessitates more invasive treatment that could have been avoided with regular check-ups and hygiene appointments.

The last thing you want if you do work up the courage to seek treatment is to be judged or patronised. We can assure you that this will never happen at our North London clinic. Instead, we will treat nervous dental patients with care, compassion, and respect.

We are more than happy to have an informal chat through your fears and triggers, as well as talking you through all the options we offer for nervous patients at our North London dental practice.

Nervous dental patients: North London treatment options

Below are some of the options we can offer nervous dental patients at our North London clinic:

In-chair entertainment

Some people find that being able to listen to their favourite radio show, music, or podcast can allow them to relax enough to have treatment. You also have the option of watching TV programmes or DVDs during treatment for many procedures. We offer noise-cancelling headphones and DVD glasses at our North London practice.


Hypnotherapy involves communicating with your subconscious to help nervous dental patients beat their fears. It also furnishes you with self-management techniques to use in the future. A qualified hypnotherapist is available at Dental Beauty Southgate.

Conscious sedation

Whilst not asleep, with this option you will be very relaxed and will remember little about treatment afterwards.

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