Nervous patients and dental implants in North London: your sedation options

If you have lost one, several or all of your natural teeth, dental implants are designed to provide a permanent foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. However, dental implants require minor surgery in order to be fixed into the mouth, the idea of which can put nervous dental patients off. For patients who are very anxious, there are a number of effective ways to counter the anxiety.

At Dental Beauty Southgate, we appreciate that many people suffer from dental phobia. Whether the result of a bad experience in the past or fear of pain, we are here to help you overcome your anxiety. Our goal is to provide you with dental implants in North London while keeping you completely relaxed throughout the procedure – from the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave. Alongside our highly experienced dentists, we also have a team of specially trained dentists and medics who can administer sedation in our practice.

Dental Implants in North LondonOral sedation

Our dental practice offers oral sedation dentistry for patients who wish to have dental implants in North London. Oral sedation is entirely safe, effective and allows the patient to communicate with the dentist throughout the operation. About an hour prior to the operation, you will be asked to take a small pill that will make you feel drowsy. By the time of your appointment, you will feel entirely comfortable and relaxed. Once the treatment is finished, you will be able to leave straight away, accompanied.

IV sedation

IV (also known as intravenous) sedation is more powerful than oral sedation because it requires the administration of sedative directly into the bloodstream. Our experienced dentists and doctors will administer the sedative carefully and monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure your health and safety. Unlike general anaesthesia, IV sedation allows patients to stay awake and conscious throughout the procedure. As with oral sedation, patients who have undergone IV sedation need to be accompanied home after the procedure.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation, learn more about sedation dentistry, and find out which sedation dentistry method may be right for you.

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