Nervous dental patient? Let Adams North London dental practice help

Nervous dental patients deserve dental care just like everyone else does. That’s what the team at North London practice Dental Beauty Southgate believe, and that’s why we offer a number of ways to help nervous, anxious, or phobic patients receive the treatment they need and the smile they’ve always wanted.

nervous-dentalFear of the dentist is very common. In the UK, approximately one in ten people are so scared of dentists and dental treatment that they simply don’t go to regular appointments. This can then feed into a circle of fear as they are eventually forced to visit a practice when a condition becomes so painful or serious they can no longer ignore it. By this time, extensive and invasive treatment is often required – further underlining their belief that dentists are scary people. The sad thing is that if they had felt able to attend regular check-ups, any potential problems could have been spotted and treated early, if not avoided completely.

Dr Ricky Adams, principal dentist at our North London clinic, is Dental Phobia certified. The whole team is committed to helping nervous dental patients get treatment, and we will work with you as an individual to find the best way to help you.

We offer treatment under hypnosis at our North London clinic, which many nervous dental patients find highly beneficial. Your hypnotist will also furnish you with self-management techniques to help you receive ongoing care after initial treatment is complete.

Conscious sedation is also an excellent option for nervous dental patients. You will not be asleep, so will be able to cooperate with any instructions, although most patients remember little to nothing about treatment after it is complete. Sedation quickly induces a peaceful and relaxed state, and most importantly of all, you will experience no pain.

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