Nervous dental patient? Here’s how to conquer your fears and get the treatment you need

Nervous dental patients across the country are taking back control of their lives and beating their fear of the dentist once and for all. At Dental Beauty Southgate in North London, our principal dentist, Ricky Adams, is Dental Phobia certified, meaning that he is recognised for his experience and care in working with anxious, nervous, and phobic patients.

nervous-dental-patientIt’s easy to think that you are the only nervous dental patient in the world, but you should never feel silly about your fears or phobias. Fear of the dentist is very common; in fact, one in ten adults in the UK is so nervous about receiving treatment that they simply do not visit the dentist. This can have serious consequences for their oral health, which in turn can make their fears worse because they think they will be judged for letting their teeth fall into poor condition.

At our North London clinic we will never judge you if you have less than perfect teeth, whether through fear of the dentist or for any other reason. We will treat you with care, respect, and professionalism, because our only goal is to get you back to full dental health and then to help you maintain it.

There are many reasons that nervous dental patients cite for their anxiety. For some, it is a negative experience in the past, whilst for others there is a specific trigger – a drill, a needle, the sight of the dentist’s chair.

Here at our North London practice we fully empathise with nervous dental patients’ concerns, but believe that everyone deserves a healthy and happy smile. That’s why we will take all the time required to find the perfect way to empower you, so that you can get the treatment you need without fear being a barrier.

Nervous dental patients’ North London treatment options

1 Hypnotherapy. A qualified hypnotist can help nervous dental patients beat their fear, and can furnish you with techniques to keep it at bay for good.

2 Sedation. A safe way of relaxing during treatment. You will still be awake, but will feel a deep sensation of peace.

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