How can our emergency dentist help you?

We understand that sometimes accidents can happen with your teeth, such as breakages, and this is why it is so useful that we offer an emergency dentist in Southgate. It can be upsetting and scary when something goes wrong with your teeth or gums, and this is why we have allotted emergency appointment times.


What is a dental emergency?

You may be wondering, what sorts of things are seen as a dental emergency? And what are the symptoms that come with having a dental emergency? There are a few different things that might give you a reason to call us, all of them are likely to be painful and uncomfortable, and we will do all we can to help you with this.

Knocked out/broken tooth

One of the more common reasons that someone may book an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate is when they have had an accident and their tooth has come out or been damaged. This can be painful and put the surrounding teeth at risk, which is why it is important to contact us as soon as possible after the accident. In some cases, if you have saved the tooth or the rest of a partly broken tooth, we might be able to reattach it. This only really happens if the broken bit of tooth is in good enough condition to reattach it. If you don’t have the broken parts of your tooth, or we can’t reattach it, we will most likely extract the rest of the tooth to prevent any further damage. Don’t worry about this though, as we will go through the options you have to replace the missing tooth.


This is also one of the more common reasons as to why our patients may need an emergency appointment. Toothache involves you having extreme pain in usually one part of your mouth. This can be due to a number of dental problems, such as infection, decay, a damaged tooth and more. We recommend that if you experience the toothache for 2 days or more, and the pain does not go away with painkillers, then this is when you should contact us for an appointment with our emergency dentist in Southgate.

What happens in an emergency appointment?

When you arrive at your appointment, we will examine your teeth to find where the damage is, or assess your tooth if it has broken. If you are experiencing a lot of pain, then we can help you with this by providing pain relief such as local anaesthetic or a numbing agent. This can really help if you are in pain or are nervous about having emergency dental work done.

After the first two steps have been completed, it is important for us to sterilise the area to prevent any infection from occurring as much as we can. After this, we will do whatever we can to try and fix whatever the problem was that you arrived with. The amount we can do in one appointment does vary depending on the severity of the problem, but we will always do the best we can to alleviate your pain in that moment, and create a plan going forward if needed.

Here at Dental Beauty Southgate, we strive to keep our patients’ oral health as good as possible, to prevent dental emergencies happening in the first place. But if they ever do arise, then you can have comfort in knowing that we are here to help you.

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