Helping nervous dental patients to get treatment

Are you a nervous dental patient? Does the thought of visiting a dental practice make you shake with fear? If so, you are not alone; approximately one in ten adults is so scared of visiting the dentist that they put off seeking treatment until an emergency arises. Here at Dental Beauty Southgate in North London, we understand and empathise with nervous patients’ concerns. We know that this fear is very real, and can be very frightening, even prompting anxiety attacks in some people. But we do not believe that fear should stop you getting any treatment you need, or prevent you from having a beautiful smile.

nervous patientsWhen asked, nervous dental patients give a variety of reasons for their fears, from a bad experience during childhood to a specific trigger – the sight of a needle or the sound of a drill, for example. Other people find that because their fear has prevented them visiting a dentist for many years, they are ashamed about the condition of their teeth.

At Dental Beauty Southgate in North London, we will never judge you if your teeth are in less than perfect shape. We know how crippling fear can be, and we only want to help you to get back to full oral health. You deserve a healthy mouth and a happy smile, and we will work with you to beat your fear.

There are several options for nervous dental patients at our North London practice, and in the first instance we are happy to talk through your concerns. Many people find that this, combined with knowing we will move at your pace, really helps.

We also offer full in-chair entertainment, so you can listen to your favourite music or audiobook, or watch a film to help you relax.

For those who require further help, our North London clinic offers both hypnosis and conscious sedation, delivered in a safe and controlled manner by fully-qualified professionals.

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