Do you have a phobia of the dentist? How our team at Dental Beauty Southgate can help

Having a dental phobia is far from fun; it can lower your self-esteem and as time passes, it can impact on your confidence and your looks.


It is a sad reality that many dental patients who have dental phobias often fail to attend their six month check-ups with dental teams, which of course allows more simple and treatable problems to go untreated. And as you may know, a small cavity that is left alone for three years without a filling or crown can break down the tooth and lead to an infection.

Hence, if you are a nervous or phobic dental patient, you need to find a team who is suited to you; in short, you need a team who specialises in dental phobias and will work with you to help you overcome them.

At Dental Beauty Southgate, our dentist in Southgate takes dental phobias very seriously and can ensure that you feel comfortable at every stage of your treatment with us. Our team has invested in helping patients who have dental phobias and will always be on hand to offer you compassionate and high-quality dental care. Greatly reassuring for our more nervous patients.

But what makes our dentist in Southgate different from other teams who can help dental phobics? Read on to find out.


The first tool that our dentist in Southgate uses is communication.

If you are a nervous patient, we will allow you the space to share your concerns, as well as your fears and will work with you to devise a personalised dental plan to get your teeth and oral health back on track without causing you any psychological discomfort.


However, if you need something other than a simple chat to help you get through a dental appointment with our team, we can offer you additional help at no extra cost.

We have invested in flat-screen televisions, placed above the dental chair, so you can watch the news, a cartoon or whatever you want to during your treatment with us. We even have DVD glasses!

Alternatively, if the sound of the drill is what concerns you during a dental visit, we have to hand noise-cancelling headphones, or why not bring your own headphones along to listen to your favourite music while we work on your mouth?

Hypnosis training

Here is where our team at Dental Beauty Southgate differs from other dental practices; we can offer our nervous patients hypnosis coaching and training.

On our web page, we can offer patients a track to listen to before they come to us, to help them learn self-hypnosis to control their nerves. This will help alleviate any worries you have about attending a dental check-up and will help you overcome your phobia.


And finally, if you need something a bit more intense to help you cope, we can offer you sedation.

At Dental Beauty Southgate, we can offer both oral sedation in the form of a tablet or intravenous sedation (IV) which is injected into your arm to help you cope with check-ups and alleviate any associated anxieties. Simple!

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