Choosing a dentist for nervous patients

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist, it is important to choose a dentist in Southgate very carefully. Not all dentists are equal when it comes to nervous or anxious patients. Some dentists are more geared towards caring for nervous patients, and here at Dental Beauty Southgate we pride ourselves on our training and experience in helping patients suffering with anxiety.

Dentist in SouthgateHow a dentist can help you relax

There are a number of ways in which an experienced dentist in Southgate can help nervous patients relax. One is atmosphere. In creating a relaxed atmosphere at the practice, we help patients to feel more at ease straight away. We make our patients feel safe by offering comforting surroundings, which can help to reduce anxiety.

Distraction is another good way to reduce nervous tension. Here at Dental Beauty Southgate, we can offer nervous patients entertainment to distract them from their worries. You can watch TV, listen to music using noise-cancelling headphones to block out the drone of the drill, or even make use of advanced DVD glasses to watch a film.

Sedation is an option for very anxious patients. The dentist in Southgate will talk this through with you, as we like to try treating without sedation if possible. If you do decide you require sedation, it will be either oral, for a light, relaxing sensation, or IV sedation for a deep relaxation that will leave you conscious and able to communicate but drowsy and very calm. Our specially trained seditionists will take care of you.

Before resorting to sedation, you might like to try hypnosis. We are very lucky to be able to offer the services of a hypnotherapist, which is unusual for a dentist in Southgate. If you have a phobia of dentists or needles, hypnosis could be the answer for you.

Don’t let your fear stop you from getting treatment

With all these solutions, there is no reason not to visit a dentist in Southgate regularly for check-ups, or if you require treatment. Don’t let your anxiety stop you from keeping your teeth healthy. With a focus on nervous patients, Dental Beauty Southgate will do everything we can to help you to feel comfortable and trust us to treat you.

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